In Summer 2010 Maresa began to make gorgeous maxi dresses using Indian and Japanese fabrics. Each dress was a one-off piece, offering customers something individual, made outside of a factory environment. Her ‘one-size-fits-most’ dresses sold to customers worldwide to women who love vintage fabrics and handmade clothing.

The Exchange Project
In 2012 Maresa spent three weeks in Kerala, India, teaching a small group of women western and advanced sewing techniques. These women now work part time as freelance seamstresses for local customers. We called this ‘The Exchange Project’. The Exchange is about receiving a piece of beauty – a handmade dress to feel amazing in whilst sowing into its origin: a place where women can experience a fuller, richer quality of life by earning their own money for their families and community. With the help of friends, several sewing machines were donated, enabling this project to ignite.

Scotland 2017
Maresa now works as a photographer alongside dressmaking. She plans to produce a capsule collection for Resa Smith each Spring. This year she’s been working from a studio space on the coast in Scotland. Inspired by the seascapes, but keeping her love for Indian fabric at the root, expect to see draped silhouettes in soft pink, sea blue and aqua.